Our Sponsors

Community Sponsors:

Major corporate Sponsors

We are so grateful to the following businesses and individuals who have supported us financially:

-CanSleep Services, (2963 Glen Drive, Coquitlam, BC) – http://www.cansleepservices.com

-Aphrodite’s Cafe & Pie Shop (3598 West 4th Avenue), http://www.organiccafe.ca/

-Tenth & Proper (4483 West 10th Avenue), http://www.tenthandproper.com/

-Professor Stephen J. Toope, Toronto, ON

-Ms. Paula Rosen, Toronto, ON

-Del’s Trucking Ltd., Red Deer, AB

-Lindi M. Lewis, Vancouver, BC

-Dennis K. Perley, Kelowna, BC

-Judith P. West, Vulcan, AB

-James Buck, Vancouver, BC

-Dr. Christy Chu, Montréal, QC

-Clara Bates, Red Deer, AB

-Naomi Woo, Cambridge, UK

-Irina Faletski, Vancouver, BC

-Ian S. Perley, Kelowna, BC

-Hannah Ellix, Toronto, ON

-Dr. Nicolas Klein, Montreal, QC

-Wires Law, Toronto, ON

-Nick Asik, Toronto, ON

-Shane Smith, Vancouver, BC

-Benjamin Martin, Vancouver, BC

-Brook Jones, Vancouver, BC

-Wing Piderman, Vancouver, BC

-Soul Energy Healing, Vancouver, BC

-Yuen Pau Woo, Vancouver, BC

-Steve Toren, Vancouver, BC

-Raymond Greenwood, Vancouver, BC

-Donald Derrick, Auckland, New Zealand

-Samantha Singh, Vancouver, BC

-David Haskins, Vancouver, BC

-Stephen and Jessica Aument, Witchita Falls, TX

-Eitan G. Pinsky, Vancouver, BC

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