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Why should you donate

We are grateful, in advance, for your financial support of a project that is so dear and close to our hearts. Through these free music concerts, over 1300 children’s lives have been touched by the gift of live classical music. At least 30 minutes of their day have been spent in the reflective, calm, and inspiring presence of live music – played by musicians who genuinely care for their community.

What does your donation go toward?

-Cost of the artists’ fee (this is so that the school doesn’t pay a cent!)

-Transportation of the artist

-Venue rental when the school does not have suitable facilities

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Why Müzewest?

With recent cuts to education in British Columbia, the fine arts were quickly the first victim. Many students do not receive a musical education at their school and we firmly believe that this is a tragic disservice to their learning experience.

We are committed to bringing artists with integrity to schools in need – schools where the children’s lives are difficult and the joy of music will brighten the pressures of their daily grind.

We would be very grateful indeed for your support! Check out the amazing perks below:

There are fabulous reasons to become a supporter of Müzewest Concerts!

There are fabulous reasons to become a supporter of Müzewest Concerts!

Merci and thank you!

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